Support Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship

The College will create a coordinated and integrated ecosystem of services centered on technology-enhanced pedagogy and scholarship. Once complete we will have:

  • Identified, articulated, and promoted the various services that support faculty‚Äôs teaching and scholarship.
  • Teaching and learning spaces that are meeting the needs of faculty, students, and staff.
  • A robust research computing program that includes access to infrastructure and support for faculty and student research.

Enhance Operational Effectiveness

The College will enhance its operational effectiveness by implementing new, best-of-breed systems that enable more modern workstreams and user interactions. Once completed, we will have:

  • Identified and improved strategic and critical academic and administrative processes.
  • An updated ecosystem of software platforms.
  • Access to services anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Evolve Our Data Management Capabilities

The College will establish processes and infrastructure to manage both enterprise and research data effectively. Once completed, we will have:

  • A data management governance model and support structure.
  • Expanded data infrastructure and integration capabilities.
  • Tools that enable strategic decision making.
  • A mature information security program.