ITS is comprised of five units— Digital Infrastructure, Enterprise Data Management Systems (EDMS), Instructional Technology, User Services, and Web Application Development—and is overseen by the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

John O’Keefe

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

B.A., Music and American Studies Double Major
(610) 330-5161
021A Skillman Library

Lafayette College

Katherine Butler

Director, Planning, Analysis and Communications
(610) 330-3083
008 Skillman Library


Courtney B. Bentley

Special Projects Consultant

M.A., University of Memphis
(610) 330-5504

Thiana Kitrilakis

Thiana Kitrilakis

Administrative Operations Coordinator
(610) 330-5803
021 Skillman Library

Digital Infrastructure


Bill Thompson

Director, Digital Infrastructure

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Rutgers University
(610) 330-3094
23 Pardee Hall

Janemarie Duh  ITS

Janemarie Duh

Identity Management Systems Architect
(610) 330-5609
11 Pardee Hall

Lafayette College

Jason Frisvold

Senior Network Engineer
(610) 330-5693
11 Pardee Hall


Pete Hoernle

Network Engineer
(610) 330-5801
11 Pardee Hall

Lafayette College

Matt Fodor

Network Programmer
11 Pardee Hall


Robert N. Jones

Systems Administrator
(610) 330-5727
11 Pardee Hall

Lafayette College

Nathan Lager

Systems Administrator
(610) 330-5907
11 Pardee Hall


Jonathan Li

Database Administrator
(610) 330-5529
11 Pardee Hall

Carl Waldbieser   Network ITS

Carl Waldbieser

Systems Programmer
(610) 330-5816
11 Pardee Hall

Enterprise Data Management Systems


Paulette Poloni

Director, EDMS
(610) 330-5527
021b Skillman Library


Jason Kalb

Enterprise Systems Analyst
(610) 330-5113
Skillman Library


Marat Litvan

Banner Application Support Analyst
(610) 330-5340
Skillman Library

Scholtz Renee 2 cropped

Renee Scholtz

Enterprise Application Programmer/Analyst
(610) 330-3084
Skillman Library


Doug Stewart

(610) 330-5528
Skillman Library


Tina Werkheiser

(610) 330-5629
Skillman Library


LaVerne Zuk

Enterprise Application Specialist
(610) 330-4408
023 Skillman Library

Instructional Technology

Jason Alley

Jason Alley

Director, Instructional Technology

M.Ed., College of William and Mary
(610) 330-5884
109 Skillman Library


Brenda Bomgardner

Instructional Technology Systems Specialist
(610) 330-5883
106 Skillman Library


E.J. Hudock

Instructional Technology Systems Engineer
(610) 330-5869
112 Skillman Library


Adam MacHose

Arts Campus Technology Coordinator

MFA, Maine College of Art; BFA, Hartford Art School
(610) 330-5095
Williams Visual Art Building

Lafayette Faculty and Staff: Jennifer Rao, ITSChuck ZovkoAugust 16, 2012

Jennifer Rao

Instructional Technologist

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon
(610) 330-5632
107 Skillman Library


Rebecca Rosenbauer

Engineering Computing Coordinator

M.E. Rensselaer, B.S., Lafayette College
(610) 330-5400
AEC 223A

Lafayette College

Todd Walton

Instructional Technologist
(610) 330-3099
110 Skillman Library

User Services


Chris Koch

Director, User Services
(610) 330-5624
007 Skillman Library


Amy Gordon

Faculty Services Consultant
(610) 330-5649
108 Skillman Library


John Iannucelli

Hardware Consultant
(610) 330-5505
010 Skillman Library


Alan Johnson

User Services Specialist
(610) 330-5507
009 Skillman Library

Lafayette College

Vaughn Miller

Desktop Engineer
(610) 330-5645
012 Skillman Library


Rich Santillo

Desktop Engineer

M.S., Physics, Lehigh University
(610) 330-5806
012 Skillman Library

Lafayette College

Bill Yox

User Services Specialist
(610) 330-3076
006 Skillman Library

Web Applications Development

Kenneth Newquist

Director, Web Applications Development
(610) 330-5759
20 Skillman Library

Lafayette Faculty and Staff: Charles Fulton, ITSChuck ZovkoAugust 16, 2012

Charles Fulton

Senior Web Applications Developer
17 Skillman Library

Lafayette College

Tim Yale

Web Applications Developer
17 Skillman Library