About ITS

The IT Master Plan adopted by the College in 2012 reflects our current strategic vision and blueprint for success. But there’s still much to do in order to strengthen our commitment to the academic mission of the College as well as improve our IT environment to enable more effective operations. From e-commerce to new smart classrooms, IT has approached both the academic and administrative components of the College as important partners.

As we look ahead, some of the challenges we see include the increasing importance and value of our data assets; the expanded use of cloud computing; the consumerization of IT; enabling globalization; interdisciplinarity and collaboration; and virtualization moving beyond the data center to the desktop computing environment. Despite these challenges, we have succeeded in large part thanks to our commitment to open source solutions. We firmly believe that this approach enhances our reputation as a scholarly and collaboratively focused organization that innovates in service to the teaching, learning, and research activities of the institution.

Enabling the effective use of technology as we move to reduce costs, manage rising tuition, and create more global and interdisciplinary connections and approaches for our faculty, students, and staff, will help our institution thrive in the years to come. To adapt to the changes this will bring, the College must provide the community with the technology it needs while supporting its effective use. Conversely, the members of the community must embrace the use of information technology as a means to improve their own work as well as the College as a whole.

Our success is due in large part to our talented IT staff and their ability to imagine innovative and creative solutions to problems. I encourage you to share your questions and comments with me as we continue to build an outstanding IT environment for Lafayette.

John O’Keefe
Vice President of ITS and CIO
August 2012