Information Technology Services (ITS) provides a physically secure and environmentally-controlled data center space (i.e. co-location space, or just colo) for organizational, or departmental servers. Individuals using the colo facility are responsible for their own servers, and must adhere to the College’s Acceptable Use Policy.

The colocation service offers the following:

  • Rack space, environmental control, and power
  • Statically assigned IP addresses with DNS
  • One 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
  • Keyboard/Video Display/Mouse (KVM)
  • Escorted facility access 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Basic assistance with physically installing and removing the server

Requests for space may be emailed to

More Information:

  • Only rack mount servers that use A208 power can be colocated. ITS reserves the right to inspect the server before it can be approved for colocation.
  • No server hardware or software will be provided by ITS.
  • Any misbehavior (malicious behavior, AUP violations, or vulnerable systems) will result in a server being shut down. Chronic misbehavior will result in permanent loss of colocation privileges.
  • Access to the colocation space should be scheduled in advance by emailing
  • Users accessing the colocation space must bring a photo ID.
  • Periodic communication between ITS and server administrators will be necessary. If we do not receive timely responses, servers may be removed from the colocation space; unclaimed servers will have their hard drives wiped and recycled.
  • Power User/Administrator equivalent accounts must be provided to ITS staff. ITS staff will only use this access in emergency situations (power outage, security breach, etc.). Full root/administrator accounts are NOT desired and ITS will not be responsible for any server malfunction should the root/administrator login credentials be provided.
  • Monitoring of the servers will be performed by ITS in accordance with the College’s AUP.
  • Terms, conditions, and availability of the colocation service are subject to change without notice, although efforts will be made to give as much advanced notice as possible.
  • ITS reserves the right to deny colocation services.