Campus organizations that require a group email account can request that one be created.

Address Forwarding

Address forwarding accounts allow all members of a group to receive messages sent to the account address, but do not provide the ability to send mail from the account. Instead, messages sent to the group account address will be automatically forwarded to the individual email address of each group member. Direct access to an address forwarding account via Webmail or an email client is not possible. One member of the group will be the account owner and will be responsible for communicating group membership changes to Information Technology Services (ITS).


  1. An address forwarding account, e.g.,, is created.
  2. An owner of the address forwarding account will be designated and will communicate the members of the group to ITS.
  3. Each member of the group will receive messages sent to through their individual email account.

Shared Email Accounts

Shared email accounts function like an individual email account but the username and password for the account are shared among the members of the group. A shared account can be used to send as well as receive mail; any member of the group can log in to the account with the shared credentials via Webmail. The credentials are designated for use only with the shared email account. They may not be used to access other services. One member of the group will be the account owner and will be responsible for communicating the account password to group members as well as ensuring that all group members use the account in accordance with the College’s Acceptable Use Policy and see the Help website for information about using shared accounts .

Requesting a Group Account

Group email accounts can be requested by academic or administrative department heads. Accounts for official student groups can be requested by the faculty adviser for the group, who must also assume responsibility as the account owner. All requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

To request a group account, submit a ticket to the Help Desk. You will be contacted by an ITS staff member who will help determine the best type of group account for your needs.

Requesting Changes to a Group Account

Requests to change the ownership of a shared email account or the members of an address forward should be sent to the Help Desk at or (610) 330-5501.

Department Accounts

Each department at the college has a generic account it can use to send and receive email. These accounts are configured to be able to post to the campus-wide announcement lists and should be used instead of a particular employee’s email account.

Only specific people in each department have permission to use the department email account. If you do not know the username and password for your department, you should open a ticket with the Help Desk. ITS will then work with you to verify that you are able to use the account and reset the password.