The Accounts Workflow process for initiating creation and termination requests for Lafayette NetIDs and access to services is used for all new hires, transfers, retirements, and terminations, and applies to all part time and temporary employees.

Account Creation

Human Resources (for staff) and the Office of the Provost (for faculty) authorize the creation of NetIDs for new full time, part time, and temporary employees by sending an Accounts Workflow Request to ITS containing information provided by hiring departments. This is known as the Accounts Workflow process and should initiated by contacting either office at least ten working days prior to an employee’s start date.

Human Resources or the Office of the Provost initiates the Accounts Workflow Request during the same time that payroll authorization is created. For new hires, ITS creates a Lafayette NetID, grants access to services, and arranges to evaluate and address desktop system needs for the new employee.

Information Technology Services notifies hiring supervisors by email once the new hire’s NetID is created. The email will include NetID information, explain the access granted, and provide pointers to additional information and/or assistance. The hiring supervisor should communicate this information to the new hire as soon as possible.

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Account Termination

For all employee terminations, transfers, and retirements, ITS receives Accounts Workflow Requests from Human Resources (staff) and the Office of the Provost (faculty). Hiring supervisors will be notified via email once access has been terminated. This email may also include information that should be shared with the employee. Note that the Help Desk does not accept new-hire, transfer, retirement, or termination notifications. Access to campus systems cannot be granted or terminated until Human Resources or the Office of the Provost receives the appropriate documentation, prepares the necessary payroll authorization, and submits it to ITS.

The amount of time NetIDs remain active varies according to institutional role.


Access to email is closed during February following the year of graduation. Alumni may configure a Lafayette email forward (e.g., by joining the Alumni Online Community as described on the Alumni website. The NetID remains open to provide access to IT Services for Alumni. Students who transfer out or resign from the College retain all access for thirty days following the date effective provided by the Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs. The NetID remains active for  Banner Self-Service access.

Staff Terminations

Accounts will be disabled on the termination date specified by Human Resources in the Accounts Workflow Termination Request. When it is anticipated that College business-related emails may continue to be sent, hiring supervisors may request a temporary, thirty-day auto-reply on a former employee’s email account to instruct senders where to direct such business. Requests are made to the Help Desk and should include the content for the auto-reply.

Faculty Terminations

For full-time faculty with a termination date of June 30, access to services is removed on August 31 of the same year. For other faculty, access is removed the day following the date provided by the Office of the Provost in the Accounts Workflow Termination Request. The NetID remains active to allow for access to Self-Service Banner.

Faculty emeriti and other retirees

For faculty voted to emeriti status, access to all services, including email and with the exception of departmental files shares, is retained in perpetuity. Access to departmental shares is removed the day following the transfer date provided by the Office of the Provost in the Accounts Workflow Transfer Request. Access to personal file shares remains in place. In addition, the account will be added to a retiree and emeriti email list.

For all other faculty and staff retirees who wish to retain access to Lafayette services, requests must be submitted to Human Resources in writing via email or letter for authorization. Once authorized, the account will change from active to non-emeriti retiree status. These accounts will retain email access, network access on-campus, and access to Banner Self-Service, and the account will be added to a retiree and emeriti email list.

Problem resolution

Any problems should be directed to the office that provides ITS with the information it uses to manage the account creation/removal process, i.e., Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs (students), Office of the Provost (faculty), or Human Resources (staff).