This summer, ITS will be installing in smart classrooms new computers and wireless screencasting technology. Screencasting will enable faculty, students, and staff to cast their own devices (e.g., laptop, iPad) wirelessly to the smart classroom display. Drop-in training on how to use the wireless screencasting technology will be available from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. in Skillman 105 on Friday, April 14, and anyone from the Lafayette community is welcome to contact the Help Desk at to schedule a consultation with Learning and Research Technologies.

The device that creates the capability of wireless screencasting will replace the Blu-Ray players in the classrooms (except in 248 N. Third). If you think someone in your department or program uses DVDs or Blu-rays as part of their teaching, they can:

  • Continue to play standard DVDs (not Blu-ray) in the classroom computer
  • Talk with their discipline-specific collections liaison to learn what content is available via streaming services
  • Purchase a portable Blu-ray player to plug into the external HDMI cable available in the smart classrooms

Additionally, new touch panels and control systems in smart classrooms will be installed in phases over the summers of 2023, 2024, and 2025. These new control systems will provide ITS improved monitoring of the health of smart classroom systems. The following schedule describes what, when, and where the changes are happening.

Summer 2023

  • New computers to be installed in smart classrooms
  • Wireless screencasting to be installed in smart classrooms (for those bringing their own devices to the classroom)
  • Removal of Blu-ray players (Blu-ray players to remain in 248 N. Third) in smart classrooms
  • New touch panels to be installed in 248 N. Third, Oechsle, Oechsle Center for Global Education, Pardee, and Van Wickle

Summer 2024

  • New touch panels to be installed in Acopian, Hugel, Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, Limburg, Ramer, Simon, Skillman Library, Watson, and Williams Performing Arts Center

Summer 2025

  • New touch panels to be installed in Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center