ITS offers a variety of opportunities to learn more about resources and technologies, and in a variety of formats, including specialized group training, open workshops, drop-in sessions, one-on-one consultations, and help documentation on the Help website. General workshops are offered periodically throughout the year and are posted on the college calendar.

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We usually determine workshop topics based on existing needs—for example, when a new application or service is introduced we offer multiple sessions so there are ample opportunities to attend. We are happy to design specialized workshops for courses and departments as requested.

Much of our technology-related training happens during one-on-one consultations and is generally the result of an “I need help now” call to the Help Desk or a conversation with someone from ITS or the library. While this sort of training provides for the most customized experience and is highly effective, the just-in-time model is challenging to support with our limited staffing, so we encourage faculty, staff, and students to consult with us ahead of time as soon as a possible need is recognized.

We are always looking for feedback, so if you have ideas or specific suggestions for technology training, please contact the Help Desk at and (610) 330-5501.