Information Technology Services (ITS) offers grants to encourage and financially support those interested in exploring new pedagogical strategies augmented by technology to help improve their teaching.

Award and Scope

Applicants may request up to $5,000 to help fund their proposals, which could include any of the following:

  • One-time purchase of hardware, software, media, or web service subscriptions
  • Technology learning materials such as books or tutorials
  • Expenses associated with training or workshops related to using technology to improve one’s teaching
  • Up to a $500 stipend for the applicant

Proposed projects should be able to be completed within one or two semesters since projects are intended to be relatively small in scale. Additionally, successful applicants will be paired with an instructional technologist to provide consultation and training.

Application Process

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by the Instructional Technology team throughout the year.

Applicants can submit their proposals online.

Award Process

  • Selected applicants must use their funding during the fiscal year in which they are awarded.
  • All technology purchases will require approval from Information Technology Services to ensure the infrastructure and staff at Lafayette is positioned to support the selected proposal.
  • Additionally, successful applicants will be expected to share their projects at a future CITLS luncheon (typically awardees present 6-12 months following the completion of their project).


Questions about this grant program can be directed to Jason Simms, Instructional Technologist, at (610) 330-5632 or simmsj@lafayette.edu.


2017-18 Awardees

  • Alex Brown, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering: Seamlessly Integrating Handwritten Notes, Graphics and Computer Simulations in the Engineering Classroom with the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 
  • Greta Brubaker, Technology Training Coordinator: Create and Teach Anywhere with the Wacom MobileStudio
  • Mike Butler, Assistant Professor of Biology: Real-time Student Participation in Data Analysis
  • Andrew Clarke, Assistant Professor of Government and Law: DataCamp Pilot Program
  • Mary Jo Lodge, Associate Professor of Theater: Integrating iPads and Wireless Technology for Theater Coursework and Production Usage
  • Adam MacHose, Arts Campus Technology Coordinator: Cinematography Experimentation Through Simulation
  • Christopher Phillips, Associate Professor of English: OCR-Facilitated Literary Analyses
  • Christian Tatu, Coordinator of the College Writing Program: Supporting Multimodal Composition through the College Writing Program
  • Brent Utter, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering: Circuit Scribes and Tinker Kits for Introducing Embedded Electronics to First Year Students

2016-17 Awardees

  • Andrea Armstrong, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences: The Earth Day Survey: Digital environmental social science data collection
  • David Brandes, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Real-time Hydrologic Data Acquisition for the Classroom
  • Alex Brown, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering: A wireless, connected device for exploratory learning in control theory education
  • Laurie Caslake, Professor of Biology: Interdivisional Implementation of Technology in Introductory Courses for Student Engagement
  • Nicole Crain, Coordinator of Policy Studies and Visiting Professor:Integrating Student-Driven Examples into the Classroom
  • Bianco Falbo, Associate Professor of English: Dogs of Lafayette Audio Essay Project
  • Tim Laquintano, Assistant Professor of English: Virtual Reality in a First-Year Seminar
  • Sue Wenze, Assistant Professor of Psychology:Using a live audience response system to evaluate student comprehension and conduct anonymous polling

2015-16 Awardees

  • Alan Childs, Professor of Psychology: Using iPad to increase mobility and interactivity in the classroom
  • Han Luo, Full-time Lecturer of Chinese: Developing an Effective Chinese-American Telecollaborative Learning Program
  • Dan Sabatino, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering: Accelerating student learning in thermodynamics with mini-tablets and a custom app

2014-15 Awardees

  • Larry Malinconico, Associate Professor of Geology: Video-based Tutorials for Field Methods in Structural Geology
  • Michael McGuire, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Visualization of soil deformation using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
  • Anne Raich, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Integration of Wireless Sensor and Data Acquisition Technology into the Classroom
  • Matthew Rhudy, Visiting Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering: Enhancing Student Understanding of Flight through Computer Simulation

2013-14 Awardees

  • Lauren Anderson, Assistant Professor Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering: “Flipping” about Technology: Development of Flipped Classrooms for CHE courses
  • James Dearworth, Associate Professor Biology and Neuroscience: BodyVis
  • Ed Kerns, Eugene H Clapp Professor of Humanities Art: 3-D Printing in Combinatorial Studio Techniques
  • Alessandro Giovannelli, Assistant Professor Philosophy: Using iPads and Mind Mapping in Thinking about Film
  • Peter Gildenhuys, Assistant Professor Philosophy: Video Screencast Project
  • Lauren Myers, Assistant Professor Psychology: Using classroom response systems to enhance student engagement and attendance
  • Chip Nataro, Associate Professor Chemistry: Student Response Systems in General Chemistry