This policy applies to all College-owned computers and electronic devices that are being replaced. There are three possible dispositions:

  • Reuse: the devices still have value to Lafayette and will be reused on campus.
  • Donate: the devices are of no value to Lafayette but may be usable by an outside non-profit agency; we will donate them to those qualifying organizations that have requested used equipment.
  • Recycle: the devices have no value, and must be recycled by an e-waste processor.

Information Technology Services Responsibilities


For those devices that can be reused at Lafayette, Information Technology Service (ITS) will become the new owner and distributor, regardless of the budget source that funded the original purchase. For all new computer systems being installed, it is required that the old system be returned to the recycling program. We will work with other constituencies to relocate the old systems. Except for unusual circumstances, they will be installed “as-is” and are not to become part of the inventory of products that qualify for life cycle funding or future replacement.


For devices that will be donated, ITS will accept requests from outside organizations and pre-qualify them. When a sufficient number of devices become available, ITS will make donation arrangements, including pickup at our Lafayette storage site by the recipient.

Prior to donation, ITS will ensure that all electronically stored data will be erased based on Department of Defense standards. Due to licensing agreements, no other software can be included with donated computer system.


For devices to be recycled, ITS will provide a temporary storage location until a sufficient number are accrued to constitute a shipment. Prior to donation, ITS will ensure that all electronically stored data will be erased based on Department of Defense standards. ITS will contact an e-waste vendor and arrange for the pickup from the storage location.


  • ITS will provide a storage/staging location to house the systems.
  • ITS will erase all electronically stored data.
  • ITS will assist the user department with arrangements to have the devices moved by Plant Operations from the user department location and to the storage location. ITS staff cannot pick up equipment.
  • ITS will arrange with Plant Operations to load devices from the storage location to a vehicle for machines being donated or recycled.
  • ITS will pay all reasonable Plant Operations moving fees from the Technology Budget. No transfer of funds request will be made back to the user department.

User Department Responsibilities

The user department is responsible for coordinating arrangements with Plant Operations to pick up the devices and deliver them to the ITS storage area.