Moodle Course Retention Policy

Information Technology Services (ITS) will retain Moodle course sites for seven years from the point of the course site’s creation. After seven years the course site will be deleted. This archiving process is tiered:

ITS will maintain course sites in an active instance of Moodle for the most recent five years.

  • Sites are accessible to, and may be edited by, faculty.
  • Sites are accessible to students if the course site is visible.

ITS will maintain a site in an offline archive for an additional two years. ITS also maintains a separate archive containing sites from 2007-2012, which will be available until June 30, 2019.

Faculty who wish to retain a course should download and store a local copy. Faculty will be notified when their course is scheduled for deletion.

WordPress Course Retention Policy

WordPress course sites will be retained for five years from the point of the site’s creation. Courses can be edited by faculty and their designees and will remain available as set by the site owner. At the five year point ITS will notify the instructor of record that their site will be deleted. Once confirmed by the site owner, the site will be removed from WordPress. A static HTML export of the site can be provided to the site owner upon request.