Lafayette has arranged for discounted software and hardware purchases for its employees and students. Below is a list of vendors with links to their Lafayette-specific sales pages.


While the College does not sell computers, Dell and Apple have agreements with Lafayette that provide all employees and students the opportunity to purchase computers at a discount. Since the College is not directly involved in these sales programs, all customer service issues must be handled directly with the manufacturer.

Students who choose to purchase a system via alternate means should pay special attention to how pricing relates to the technical specifications of the computer (CPU, memory, hard drive capacity, etc…) and the warranty coverage options.

The Student Computer Purchases FAQ includes frequently asked questions (and answers) about topics such as:

  • purchasing a computer
  • laptop vs. desktop
  • suggested minimum specifications
  • insurance and warranty


Employees and students of AICUP (Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania) member institutions can purchase discounted software through JourneyEd.