As you prepare your Moodle courses for the spring, Learning and Research Technologies wants to remind you of some key Moodle documentation as well as the opportunity to schedule a personal consultation with an Instructional Technologist.

Making courses visible to students

All Moodle courses are created with their visibility set to “Hide” so the course will not be visible to students until the instructor makes it available. See Making your Moodle Course Available for instructions.

Merging courses with multiple sections

If you are teaching more than one section of the same course, but plan to use the same materials and activities, you may wish to merge the sections together into a single merged Moodle course site. Steps for creating a merged course can be found at Merging Moodle Course Sites.

Importing previous course content

Course content can be copied from one Moodle course to another by using the Import function found in Moodle. This allows you to copy all or select course resources and activities to a different course site. Instructions can be found on Copying Course Material from one Moodle Course to Another.

Managing the display of Moodle activity dates

Moodle courses have the option to display due dates for activities such as Moodle Assignment and Forums on the main course page. Information about enabling or disabling activity dates can be found on Show Activity Date in Moodle.

Getting other help

Other helpful documentation such as instructions and guidance on setting up your Moodle gradebook or creating assessments in Moodle can be found on the Moodle help page. For questions about Moodle or to schedule a consultation with an Instructional Technologist, please contact the Help Desk at or (610) 330-5501.