Beginning March 31, Qualtrics is rolling out updates/improvements to their survey platform including changes to the survey editor, project creation interface, and navigation. Users will also be given the option to try out the new Survey Builder platform via a banner in Qualtrics. This will be optional until the Survey Builder is fully rolled out at the end of April.

Platform Improvements

  • The “Catalog” will now be visible as part of the navigation and in the “Create new project” interface. The Catalog shows either projects or actions that a user can create from scratch. Information can be found on the Creating a Project support page.
  • The top bar navigation in Qualtrics will be updated to be more intuitive and consistent.
  • Line and Bar Chart (within Reports) are being updated to ensure accessibility compliance to WCAG 2.0 AA.

Survey Builder Details & Dates:

  • For a detailed breakdown of all the new features, see Qualtrics’ New Survey Builder Basic Overview page.
  • March 31: Users will be kept in the current experience with the option to opt-in to the new experience through an in-product banner at the top of Survey Builder.
  • End of April: Survey Builder will default to the new experience for all Users. Users will have the option to temporarily turn the old experience back on (opt-out) through an in-product banner at the top of the Survey Builder.
  • End of May: Users will no longer have the option to opt-out of the new experience.