Zoom and Google Meet continue to update their platforms with new features, but did you know Zoom and Google Meet allow you to view live captions and to customize your background in unique ways?

LIve captions

Zoom and Meet produce live captions using machine-generated technology.

Blurred backgrounds

Both Zoom and Google Meet allow you to blur your background. This can be especially helpful if you are unable to join a web conferencing event in complete privacy. It’s also a way to easily hide potentially distracting surroundings.

Custom backgroundS

With both Zoom and Google Meet, you can select your own image to serve as your background, or select from some of the preloaded choices.

Background filters

Filters and other video enhancements are only available in Zoom. Filters allow you to overlay digital artifacts onto your video. For example, you could string a set of festive lights across the top of your screen or overlay a new set of eyebrows. More practically, Zoom also has video enhancement settings that allow you to adjust for low lighting.