On Wednesday, July 8, ITS will enable Google Chat for the Lafayette community. Google Chat is an upgrade to Hangouts Chat, built from the ground up for G Suite subscribers. Google Chat can be integrated into Gmail for quick access by enabling it in your Gmail settings. It also can be accessed at chat.google.com or from the mobile or desktop apps. Eventually Google will replace Hangouts Chat with Google Chat completely, but if you’re a Hangouts Chat user, you still can access it from hangouts.google.com.

Highlights of Google Chat include:

  • Allow teams and groups to quickly communicate using any device from anywhere.
  • Hold multiple conversations with different teams at the same time using “Rooms.”
  • Invite additional people to join conversations.
  • Easily share your work (e.g., files from Google Drive, files from one’s computer) directly in the conversation thread.
  • Start a Google Meet web conferencing session within a conversation.

We’re excited about the possibilities Google Chat offers to the Lafayette community to more easily connect with one another.

Learn more about Google Chat.