If you have the good fortune of getting a new personal device, like a new mobile phone or tablet, over winter break (or anytime really) it’s important to register that new device with the DUO app. It’s especially important to do this before getting rid of your old device because your old device may be the only two-step login device you’ve registered to confirm two-step login.

I’m probably not getting a new device, so do I need to do anything?

ITS recommends everyone have at least a second means of confirming two-step login. This way if you ever lose access to your primary method for confirming two-step login, you have another option.

  • One easy way to do this, particularly if you find yourself away from your office phone, is to register your mobile phone number in addition to installing the DUO app. This way if you change phones and forget to authorize DUO on it before getting rid of your old one, your phone number can serve as confirmation to two-step login.
  • Another rather simple option is to generate passcodes, write them down, and use a passcode as the way to confirm two-step login.

I got rid of my old phone before registering my new phone (or simply, you no longer have your primary two-step login device). Now what?

You have a few options to setup DUO on a new device if you no longer have your primary device, but it depends on what other two-step login options you’ve registered.

  • If you have a Yubi-key, you can use this as your other two-step login method to register DUO on your new phone.
  • If you registered your cell phone number as a two-step login confirmation method AND your new cell phone uses the same number then you can have DUO call that number.
  • If you don’t have another option, you can contact the Help Desk and they will have someone from User Services reach out to you. Please be aware this can take some time, especially if it happens during a time when staff are away (e.g., holidays, a weekend).

Going abroad over Interim or Spring?

Using two-step login when abroad can present certain challenges, more information can be found on Using Two-Step Login While Abroad.

Office 365

  • As we think about the possibility of getting new personal devices over winter break, please remember Office 365 is available at no additional cost to all faculty, staff, and students. It can be installed on up to 5 devices. help.lafayette.edu/office365/