February 6, 2018

Tips on Technology (TOTs) launches with Grader notification settings in Moodle

Realizing tater tots are universally enjoyed and endeared by so many, ITS is launching a series of quick help videos named “Tips on Technology” or TOTs as we prefer to call them. We initially will bring them to you on a bi-weekly basis during the school year, posting each to the ITS website. Though sometimes targeting the faculty specifically, these tips often will apply to many audiences across campus. We hope you enjoy our bite-size TOTs.

Now, onto the first TOT…

Do you find yourself receiving a lot of assignment email notifications when students submit their work in Moodle? And, did you realize by default Moodle will send an email to each student when you enter a grade or other feedback for a given submission? While both behaviors can be useful in certain circumstances, Moodle makes it easy to change either behavior, as this quick video by our Instructional Technologist, Jason Simms, demonstrates.