Mobile Device Support Policy


For the purposes of this policy, device definitions must be flexible enough to address myriad and ever-changing mobile technologies. In terms of market share, Android and iOS are the dominant mobile operating systems both on a global scale as well as at Lafayette College. While these two operating systems are market leaders, neither seems likely to supplant the other in the foreseeable future. As a result, this policy considers a “mobile device” as any tablet or smartphone running Android or iOS.


For faculty or staff who require a mobile device for their work at the college, there are three support options.

College-Supplied Device: ITS can fully support a device that has been purchased with college funds by installing a management application on the device. This allows ITS staff to deploy College-specific applications and configurations. The device will be owned by the department for redeployment as necessary, and can be fully managed by ITS.

BYOD (Bring your own device) Managed: Employees of the college who would like to use their own mobile devices to access Lafayette resources and applications can sign an agreement to receive full support for their device while indemnifying ITS personnel for any damage or personal data lost in the process. These devices will be managed in the same way as college-owned devices. ITS only offers this support for devices on the approved list posted to the ITS web site.

BYOD Unmanaged: Unmanaged personal devices receive no support beyond general online documentation for accessing college resources. This includes all student-owned devices as well as employee-owned devices that are not managed.

Individuals who require cellular connectivity for their tablets must use other options (e.g. hotspots, tethering) for access on a college-issued device. Hotspots and other similar devices are subject to the College’s current policy for smartphone reimbursement.

View the College policy on smartphone reimbursement